SEO Audit Services

Want to take your search traffic to the next level? You’re in the right place.

We believe that all SEO campaigns must start with an audit to fully understand your market and the current state of your website.

Unlike most agencies, we don’t only offer a standard ‘technical SEO audit’, we also take into consideration how search can impact your bottom line with the right optimisation.

Meet our audits


TASMA (Total Addressable Search Market Audit) is a data-driven audit that illustrates the revenue opportunity available for your company in search. It’s the TAM for search marketing.

This audit is perfect for understanding how SEO can impact your business in terms of revenue generated and market share.


SQA (Sitewide Quality Audit) is the all-in-one audit that provides a 30,000 foot view of where your website stands in terms of overall SEO signals.

The SQA is part technical audit, part content audit, part strategy and it drives all of our SEO campaigns.

Complete SEO Audit

Want to understand your revenue opportunity with search AND the optimisation you will need to make to achieve it?

The Complete SEO Audit does exactly that.

We combine the TASMA and SQA to create the ultimate audit, so you can understand how SEO can affect your bottom line, as well as the changes we will need to make to achieve the revenue goal.

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