1,148 increase in email subscribers in the first month


  • Shifting Shares is a UK stock market education company, owned by professional trader, Michael Taylor. They offer free educational content via ebooks and articles and paid education via trading seminars.
  • The main goals of the company was to acquire more email subscribers, build an audience and sell out all of the seats for their day-long trading seminars held in London.
  • Before teaming with Stride, Shifting Shares was relatively unknown with less than 2,500 followers on Twitter and a website that lacked traffic.
Shifting Shares Digital Marketing Agency Case Study Trading Screen


  • As the company was just starting out, they had very little audience (apart from Twitter followers) and lacked authority and trust within the trading space.
  • Due to low budget, paid advertising wasn’t an option, so the focus had to be on organic methods.


  • Outreach – A lack of authority in the space meant that we needed to develop a strategy that featured Shifting Shares on relevant, leading websites. This places the company in front of their target market, earns valuable backlinks and builds trust with new users.
  • Email – We needed to build and nurture an audience, so created an email list and drip campaign that users could sign up to in exchange for free trading ebooks.
  • Social media – To leverage their current audience on Twitter, we needed to produce promotional content in order to drive traffic to the site, capture email opt-ins and promote their next seminar. Additionally, we engaged with other social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Organic promotion – To keep within budget we shared valuable content (with a call to action) and engaged with users in highly relevant groups and forums around the web, such as Reddit, Quora and Facebook.


  • 1,148 additional email subscribers in the first month
  • Features and backlinks from websites such as TEDx, Investors Chronicle (owned by Financial Times), ValueTheMarkets, ShareScope and many more.
  • All seats sold for the first ‘Shifting Shares Trading Seminar’ worth £500 per seat.
  • Hundreds of new followers, likes and group users across all social media.
Shifting Shares Digital Marketing Agency Case Study Results
1,148 increase in email subscribers in the first month (the company started in February and joined Stride in March)

“Stride is an amazing company to work with and has made a huge impact on my business and its goals. They provided regular updates, reports and support, and explained things in an easy to understand way. My budget was fairly tight but they did a great job of working effectively with what they had which made a huge difference. I intend to grow my business further and Stride will very much be a part of that future!”
Michael Taylor
Managing Director