About Us

Stride is a search marketing agency specialising in SEO services and providing PPC services. We help our clients dominate their market through strategic digital marketing.

The company is based in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK and operates on a remote-basis so is able to offer the very best talent to meet the client’s specific needs, across the whole of the UK and in countries overseas.

Stride was founded by Jake Ward, who gained a breadth of expertise and experience within leading online and offline marketing agencies, whilst growing independent online businesses as he evolved within the sector.

Jake reached a turning point in launching Stride… a company that flagships transparent working processes to deliver real results through increased revenue and company growth.


Our core values

  • Real results – Our focus is not on vanity metrics, but on the fundamental goals of your company.
  • Processes – Clearly defined processes are at the heart of what we do to achieve exact execution, which is the key to your company’s growth.
  • Simplicity – We like to keep things simple within a complex industry.
  • Integrity – Stride is rooted in honesty, full transparency and ethical working practices. We treat our clients with respect and will advise and service your company as if it were our own.
  • Testing – We invest ongoing time and budget to test tactics and processes. This ensures we get results and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Long-term thinking – Quick wins may be good, but we understand the true benefits of building long-term relationships and sustainable businesses.

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