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Acquire new customers

Have you tried various marketing channels but failed to see results? Invested heavily in advertising platforms like Facebook and made barely any profit?

You’re probably under pressure to acquire new customers, and at an affordable cost.

But finding the right customers is hard. Successfully executing an ecommerce marketing strategy is hard.

Create new revenue streams

Do you have profitable marketing channels but want to expand your brand reach with a multi-channel focus?

Adding to your current marketing mix can open up new or under-exposed audiences and diversify your traffic and revenue streams.

But which marketing channel do you choose? Where do you start?

Market to customers who show an active interest in your products

93% of all online activities start with a search, and whether customers are shopping or researching, it’s important to showcase your brand and products on all touchpoints in the user’s search journey.

  • Purchase intent: Become visible to consumers actively searching for or around your products.
  • High volume: Billions of searches, users and sales on the most popular search engines in the world.
  • Repeat sales: Amazon and eBay give you orders, Google gives you loyal customers.

We are Stride

  • Half organic: We increase organic traffic to product pages and create content to reach a wider audience.
  • Half paid: We utilise advanced targeting to serve your product as a solution to the right customer’s problems.

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